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a novel

published by Relegation Books

"A group of friends and lovers in Paris weather the polycrisis of contemporary life while exploring cycles of connecting, belonging, departing, and inevitable change as seasons turn and nights out give way to the pull of something more."   

With Paris in Mind


published by Relegation Books

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"A fresh take on the Parisian coming-of-age story, Roundabout also harbors the feel of a classic." — Politics and Prose

"I can sometimes find experiments with the form of the novel a bit tiresome - I'm an Edwardian at heart - but Cox's novel bucked that trend for me." — Tash, Burley Fisher Books' Books of the Year 2023 

"It's kinetic in a way I haven't experienced before... this feels like a poet's novel." — Lo Fi Lit Podcast

"Will Mountain Cox is a writer of consequence and vision. Reading his work, both fiction and poetry I can feel the authors need to reveal something just out of reach, be it a truth hidden or an emotion disguised. Will's new novel, Roundabout, searches for such truths and the emotions we sometimes hide from ourselves so as to carry on. Sometimes a writer comes along who speaks for his generation. Will Mountain Cox is such a writer." — Michael Katakis, Author of 'Dangerous Men', Manager of the Ernest Hemingway Literary Estate.

"It is a small book but once you finish it, you’ll realize that it is a big book. The formulation of it is impressive and the prose reads like poetry as Cox is a self-proclaimed poet. It is an extraordinary feat for a young man to have written." — High Horse Magazine

Coverage for Roundabout:

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Will Mountain Cox is the author of the books Roundabout and With Paris in Mind. His writing has been published in LithubForever MagazineHobart, Spectra Poets, The Drunken Canal and Vol.1 Brooklyn. In 2013, he co-founded the Belleville Park Pages, which published more than 300 writers from 35 countries in three years and was described by Monocle as “the perfect, intelligent way to distribute new writing.” He holds degrees from Boston University and from Sciences Po in Paris, where he was named Graduate of Honor in 2017 for his research on the sociology of technology and urban life. Will was born in Portland, Oregon and lives in Paris, France.

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